Tyrese Gibson’s Audition Tape For ‘Django Unchained’ Is Incredible

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02.03.14 16 Comments


WorldStarHipHop is normally my go-to source for videos of late night pancake brawls, but today they bring us something even better: Tyrese Gibson’s audition for Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. The part that eventually went to Jamie Foxx was originally intended for Will Smith, but he turned it down on account of “I need to be the lead!”

Will Smith was already a big star, so turning it down probably didn’t hurt him that much. But for Tyrese Gibson, who was known to the general public mainly as that male model who was in Fast in the Furious and I think sings or something? The role of Django could’ve been just what the doctor ordered. This, apparently, was his attempt to win it. And it’s great, because the only thing I like more than audition videos is Tyrese Gibson attributing inspirational quotes to himself.

Given what a dope Tyrese Gibson usually looks like when he’s making internet videos, I thought this was going to be way more embarrassing. But Tyrese isn’t half as dopey when he’s reading someone else’s words, and the video is only about as embarrassing as every other audition video. Mainly, you get a sense of what Django Unchained would’ve been like with Tyrese playing the lead. I.E., four hours long. Because. …He. Talks. Real. …Slow.

The video I really want to see is the one that would’ve happened right after this, where Tyrese Gibson, still wearing his rags and chains in a park on Pico Canyon, asks his assistant/camera man, Todd, “Was that good? Should we do another one?” And Todd is all, “No, boss, that was perfect. Really, really good. Seriously, I almost cried.” And then he hands Tyrese a caramel macchiato and they drive off in his Porsche Panamera for a party at Kendall Jenner’s house.


[via WorldStarHipHop/Cinemablend]


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