Uganda’s greatest action filmmaker is back!

Anyone who reads this site can tell you exactly where they were when they first saw the trailer for Uganda’s first action film, Who Killed Captain Alex (“lalala ACTION! lalala ACTION!”).  Now Ramon Films is back, with The Return of Uncle Benon.  ADVENTURE! FIGHTS! ACTION! THE BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS IN CENTRAL AFRICA!  MESH SHIRTS!  A MOTORCYCLE!

God, I love this so much.  You can just sense the earnestness of their desire to make an action film.  This film is basically what happens when you want to make Endhiran, but your mud factory only earns two sheeps a year, so you just do the best you can with what you’ve got, which is 10 friends, a cousin with After Effects, and some guns leftover from an old civil war.  I cried tears of joy at the 59-second mark when the trailer announcer says, and I quote, “MOVIE! MOVIE! MOVIE!” (*double-necked air guitar*)

I also like to imagine that Ramon Films isn’t a production company, but rather a guy named Ramon who’s known as the village filmmaker.  “Oh yes, everyone know Ramon Films in Uganda.  Him cousin of Simon Blacksmith.”

[via Twitch]