Universal wants Fast & Furious director for Terminator 5

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02.16.11 5 Comments

I guess once you’ve already let the Charlie’s Angels guy kill the Terminator franchise, the next obvious step is to wrap the coffin in an Ed Hardy shirt and dump a Monster energy drink on it.  That’s what we did for my grandma.  That bitch was XXXtreme.


Shortly after Arnold Schwarzenegger left the Governor’s Mansion and Tweeted his desire to  resume his acting career, there seems to finally be some action on his signature franchise, The Terminator. I’m told that interest is kicking back up. One interested party: Universal, which is looking for a directing vehicle for Justin Lin [the guy who did the last three Fast/Furious movies].

Right around the time the bankruptcy was settled, Deadline also reported that William Wisher–James Cameron’s collaborator on Terminator 2 and an uncredited  co-writer on the original, wrote a 24-page treatment for the next film and a four-page concept outline for a sixth Terminator film. His version continued the post-apocalyptic battleground scenario from Terminator Salvation, but added in the element of time travel. [Deadline]

Let’s see… Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Fast and Furious guy, time travel… I’ve got i!  The Terminator from the second movie goes back in time, and it turns out it’s actually him who taught Michelle Rodriguez to be so hardcore and Latin!

MICHELLE ROD: “Hasta la vista… baby.”


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