Universal Wants To Make Multiple Fast/Furious Sequels With Justin Lin, Says Report

You’d think their star dying in a street racing-related accident in the middle of shooting the seventh movie might slow down Universal’s plans for more Fast/Furious movies, but there’s just far too much money at stake. With the last installment grossing almost $800 million worldwide and 7 Fast 7 Furious (aka Furious 7) set to hit this April, Universal supposedly has no plans to quit the franchise, and in fact may bring back director Justin Lin (who directed numbers 3,4,5, and 6 before handing number 7 to James Wan).

At least, that’s what I think Deadline’s Mike Fleming is reporting. See if you can parse this hate crime against English:

I am not getting anything from the studio on this, but here’s what I hear: I expect Lin and Universal to begin talking again about him directing a multi-part production that will lead to multiple movies shot together and will wave the checkered flag on the Fast & Furious franchise.

So they’re going to “begin talking” to him about directing a “multi-part production.” Does anyone know what a “multi-part production” is? Aren’t most productions “multi-part?” You know, except for Buried? I would assume “part” means “installment” here, but how would that “lead” to “multiple movies shot together?” Wouldn’t it just… be multiple movies shot together? Which I assume means multiple installments shot concurrently? Damn, that’s a lot of assumptions I have to make to parse a sentence that’s already an assumption to begin with. .

Anyway, Universal and Justin Lin are talking about making multiple Fast Furious sequels together. MAYBE.


The latest installment already has skydiving cars. Is there any chance this franchise doesn’t end up in space?