VIDEO: Everything wrong with Looper in three minutes or less

On the heels of their success with “Everything wrong with The Dark Knight Rises,” (1.2 million views and counting) CinemaSins has released a new video, Everything wrong with Looper in three minutes or less. It’s a nice mix of obvious stuff (the Bruce Willis makeup) and stuff hardly anyone noticed, like the special of the day in the diner being “soy steak.” They also call Paul Dano “discount Shia Labeouf,” which is probably true from a salary standpoint, but from a quality standpoint? Paul Dano is definitely in much better movies, but I won’t argue that he can be kind of obnoxious. I guess it’s your classic choice between guy who’s okay in bad movies vs. guy who’s not that great in good movies. (Excluding Transformers 3, in which LaBeef was a supernova of obnoxiousness). Anyway, something to discuss.

Some of these “sins” are valid – especially the body-disposal thing – others, not so much. Like the quick-cooking steak. Dude, maybe it was soy. You just said the special was soy steak. But I think the major difference between Looper and TDKR (and why I included Looper in my best-of-2012 list but not TDKR)  is that Looper‘s “holes” were usually cutesy (often overtly so) ways to get to larger questions, whereas The Dark Knight Rises was mostly just an artful collection of holes. Unlike your mother, a particularly inartful collection of holes, covered in crabs and living in a trailer. Discuss.