Video: George Lucas’s Daughter Beats Up a Japanese Chick

(fight starts at 4:30)

We’ve discussed her before, but to refresh your memory, George Lucas’s daughter, Amanda, is a jiu-jitsu purple belt training out of Fairtex and Gilbert Melendez’s gym here in San Francisco.  She’s technically adopted, but I’m told George breast-fed her himself. Carrying a 1-1 pro MMA record going into Saturday’s fight with Hikaru Shinohara at DEEP 55 in Tokyo, she entered the ring to the Star Wars theme (chosen by her or the Japanese promoters, we don’t know), and pretty much dominated the fight after scoring an early takedown. And that wasn’t even the most interesting thing to happen.

After a few minutes of effective (not to mention HAWT) ground and pound, Lucas locks in a tight armbar at 9:02 of the video. Shinohara attempts a novel kick-to-the-face escape, but her corner inconsiderately throws in the towel to keep her from getting her arm broken. Shinohara immediately makes known her displeasure, shoving the ref before going back to her corner and punching her cornerman right in his Japanese face. Pff, chicks, man. I’m not a doctor, but I think it’s safe to assume that she was on her period.

But poor sportswomanship of her opponent aside, Lucas improves to 2-1, and while she may not have the heaviest hands in the world, she displayed impressive top control. Frankly, she looked like a chip off the old block if you’ve ever seen her dad on a racecar bed.

[via CagePotato]