Lincoln Parody: Lincoln + Scarface = Beardface

Don’t take this as invitation to send me every dumb mash-up you see (let’s face it, at least 95% of them are terrible), but I thought this Lincoln parody was pretty good. The Spielberg version opens this weekend, and it paints the Civil War era as a shouty place full of overbearing John Williams music where people often pounded tables and dramatically pointed fingers at each other in casual conversation. What BEARDFACE video presupposes is that our 16th president was actually more of an Oliver Stone creation, who snorted lots of coke and shouted into cell phones. I especially enjoyed its depiction of Confederacy President Jefferson Davis:

I could’ve used a Lincoln-Sosa debate or two, but otherwise, this looks way better than the Spielberg version. Sending out a hearty ass-pat to the guys and/or gals at Start for this.

-Thanks to Mike L for the tip