Video of the Day: Tom Cruise Gets a Letter from an Australian

I now present to you one of my favorite videos in a long while (or at least for as long as I can remember, which is about 30 minutes). It’s called “Tom Cruise Gets a Letter From His Australian Cousin,” and FilmDrunkard Jon sent it to the Frotcast today, saying, “Hopefully this will become the next ‘Hitler reacts to stuff’ video meme.”

I guess I could see that, but the original scene is from Cocktail, and what really makes the video is the letter, which had me laughing right from the salutation, “gday yer big poof!” (The cheerleader handwriting makes it that much better). And then right through the first line, “So how ya goin, ya kweah! Me, Pongo, Dilwash, and Japseye ah coming ta visit again!”

God, it’s perfect. When I lived in Australia, I played rugby with a guy everyone called “Bedpan.” One weekend his parents were in town to watch him play, and while we were warming up, someone yelled “Bedpan!” At that point, another guy piped up and said, “Oi, don’t be c*nts, don’t call him Bedpan in front of his mum.” So then everyone just called him “Pan,” because no one could remember his real name. True story.

[via AdamBuxton, HighDefinite]