Wachowski Siblings now ‘The Wachowski Starship,’ according to Andy

Back in the Matrix days, Andy and Larry Wachowski (above, with Cloud Atlas director Tom Tykwer), who direct their movies together, used to be known collectively as “The Wachowski Brothers.” Simple, memorable. But ever since Larry became Lana in 2002, and until only recently said nothing about her transgender status at all, we’ve been delicately, tentatively referring to them as “The Wachowski Siblings,” clumsily doing the best we can with our limited knowledge and unnecessarily gender-specific language. Well now, according to Andy’s introduction of Cloud Atlas at Fantastic Fest, they’ve got a new title:

Well I have nothing to add to that. “The Wachowski Starship” is badass, and I shall begin using it immediately. Definitely much better than “The Larry Wachowski Gender Explosion.”

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