Wait, John Goodman is in The Hangover 3?

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04.09.13 48 Comments

Here at FilmDrunk, we have a simple theory: John Goodman should be in everything. That’s the beauty of it, dude, the simplicity. If there’s one thing I learned in ‘Nam, it’s that if the plan gets too complex, something always goes wrong. Anyway, so it is that The Hangover 3 presents something of a conundrum for us. While I liked the second one more than… well, almost everyone, which isn’t saying much (it was basically the same movie as the first, but the characters had a darker, assholish edge that they should’ve had in the first place, if the first one had been more honest with itself about the kind of people it was presenting), a third installment of a comedy seems like a universally bad idea. “Ooh, but what about Austin Powers 3?” said no one.

But, on the other hand… John Goodman. You can see a small glimpse of him in the international trailer:

That giraffe scene… ugh. And for another mark in the “case against” column, see this Ken Jeong poster:

Ken Jeong’s best role is still as the doctor in Knocked Up, before everyone decided he was a human cartoon character. Though I respect his willingness to go full wang for our amusement. Not like Bradley “Mr. Serious Actor” Cooper, Mr. I’m-too-important-to-get-pantsed-by-a-semi-fan.


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