Wait. What?

02.07.11 8 years ago 14 Comments

So I was just reading a somewhat turgid interview with Francis Ford Coppola for something called The99Percent wherein, amidst ruminations on Jimmy Caan and Balzac (ha ha), the interviewer just kind of casually mentions this:

Like Bergman, Coppola wanted to wake up and make movies based on his dreams and nightmares. Thanks in no small part to his booming wine business, Coppola now does just that. He recently wrapped his latest picture, “Twixt Now and Sunrise,” based on an alcohol-induced dream he had in Turkey. The film even features the latest 3-D technology…

How am I just now hearing about this? A man best known for expertly adapting Mario Puzo and Joseph Conrad is now just getting ripped in Istanbul and scribbling in a dream journal? And to whom, pray tell, did Coppola turn to put a face on this deeply personal come-back project? Pacino? Duvall? Some sort of CGI Brando?

*Checks IMDB*

Val Kilmer! Julliard-trained thespian and general man about town! (Seriously, he just kind of wanders around town, making everyone uncomfortable with his bloated intensity.) But all snark aside, this officially sounds amazing. And though precious little is known about the plot, I do appreciate its genesis. I mean, the last time I woke up drunk in a Turkish bazaar I couldn’t even remember where I left my Cub Scout troop, and yet here we have Coppola delicately recreating his Chianti-laced night terrors with a 3-D Madmartigan. Haters to the left.


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