Wanna Watch A Supercut Of Every Robot Movie Ever? Of Course You Do!

Apparently, there is a dude out on the interwebs named Jonathan Mann who has been writing one song every day for over 2000 days. I guess the fact that a guy like this exists isn’t that surprising, but the fact that he seems to dedicate a significant amount of time to the production value of the music and finds the time to make the occasional music video accompaniment is super impressive. One of those music videos is a supercut of every robot movie ever, in chronological order, for a song he wrote called The Robots Don’t Love You (song #2057).

I’ll be honest, I have no way of confirming that this supercut actually contains every single robot movie in the history of movies. But before you watch it, just try and think of some movies that contain obscure/forgettable robots and I’m sure you’ll be a little surprised. I’m kind of impressed that Jonathan Mann thought to include Edward Scissorhands. But I supposed I’m much more impressed that he took the time to put this together, on top of writing his daily song. If Malcolm Gladwell is correct, this guy should become the next John Lennon in… (ok, let’s say each song takes an hour to write… minus ~ 2000 songs he’s already written… carry the 1… divided by pi) 21 years. Looking forward to it!