A Leonardo DiCaprio impersonator and the world's best Groupon

Thanks to FilmDrunkard Adam for sending us the heads up on this, which is easily the strangest

Exclusive Ocean Voyage – North Atlantic
“Titanic” DVD Signed by Leonardo DiCaprio Impersonator and 13-Day Ocean Voyage with Tour of “Titanic” From Deep Ocean Expeditions.
In a Nutshell
$12,500 for a signed Titanic DVD and 13-day ocean voyage with tour of the Titanic (a $59,680 value); departs from St. John’s, Newfoundland, on July 26 and returns August 8.

I would LOVE to meet the guy who decided to put these two things together. That is just such a glorious combination. “For just $14,000, you get an all-inclusive tour of the Egyptian pyramids, a translator, and guided tours of all the Middle Eastern holy sites, and GET THIS! We’ll also throw in a chicken McNugget that looks like Charlton Heston! YOU’D BE A FOOL NOT TO SNAP UP THIS DEAL!”

Now, before you go making fun of Leonardo DiCaprio impersonator Frank Lloyd Roberts of Lathrop, Missouri here, you should know that he has three reviews on GigSalad, and all of them are five stars. That’s a perfect record!

Frank is charming, handsome, and an extremely good Leo impersonator! I was working at a booth in the convention and he stopped by to say hello.. Not only is he extremely convincing in character, but he is a very delightful and bright man with a great future. If you get a chance after the show, ask him about his equestrian experience!

Review by: Catherine W.

Event Date: November 12th, 2010
Event: Convention in Grand Island, NE [source]

He looks like Leo AND he rides horses? This is the perfect man. This post has made me unspeakably happy. Please, please, PLEASE get this guy a part in the next Tim & Eric project.