Well done, internet. Meet “Rave Party Kevin James.”

Some wise soul out there on the intertubes has wisely discovered that the heart of any Paul Blart movie — be it Paul Blart Mall Cop, Paul Blart Zookeeper, Paul Blart Toilet Inspector, etc. — is bit of signature satire known as “fat guy dancing.”  Of course. Everyone knows that. “Fat Guy Dancing” will be the words on Paul Blart’s tombstone, to be chiseled in front of rows of crying mistresses and a flaming trough of McDonald’s cheeseburgers as tribute.  But did you know he also rave dances?  It’s true, and as proof, here’s a full five minutes of it.  I think what he lacks in variation he more than makes up for in energy.

See also: Rave Party Conan.

On a serious note, I think Kevin James might be a science experiment created in a lab by Adam Sandler to find out precisely where the lowest common denominator is. I mean, I’m sure he always had an idea, but now wants to find its exact coordinates.

Thanks to Tucker for the tip. [via ZookeeperLoops]

Okay, I couldn’t resist posting one more Paul Blart Zookeeper loop:

It’s beautifully rhythmic. If we could get Channing Tatum to freestyle over this, I might die of joy.