What’s the Gayest Part of Terrence Howard’s Outfit?

As you can tell by the faces of passersby, Terrence Howard recently left the house wearing a combination of garments that could scarcely be believed. I put the question to you: what is the gayest part of this outfit? Is it the newsie cap? The pink bedazzling on the newsie cap? Is it the scarf? The girly knot the scarf is tied into? The zip-up sweater? The jeans with pockets with button flaps? (Jeans are like genitals, if yours have flaps, you’re a girl). There are a lot of options, but I’ll tell you what the least gay part is, the socks with birkenstocks. I can’t imagine any self-respecting gay man wearing those. |DailyMail|

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One thing I notice — “shut up” isn’t that interesting of a line unless you also threaten to F-start a C’s head. Thanks, Way of the Gun.