X-Men: Days of Future Past to be released in that 48fps format everyone hates (update: Or not)

UPDATE: Fox is refuting the AICN story, saying it won’t be released in 48 fps.

The Hobbit debuted a long-championed-by-James-Cameron higher frame rate of 48 frames per second, twice as fast as the normal 24 fps of film. Being that the response was, well… mixed, other filmmakers haven’t exactly been rushing off to shoot in the new format.

But now AintItCoolNews is claiming two sources supposedly in the know that say that the next X-Men movie (X-Men: Days of Future Past) is being shot in 48 fps, and according to the second source, will be released that way.

…a second source just emailed in this weekend, calling him/herself Asta the Wonder Dog, with a list of bonafides (can’t print that part, sorry) and this little tidbit:

X:DoFP was shot in HFR and will be released in 48fps. The filmmakers played coy because of the negative reaction to the technology when the Hobbit film was released, but love the results and will be standing behind a theatrical release in high frame rate.

Since I’m not really a fan of 3D in the first place, the idea of a higher frame rate to make it more palatable isn’t exactly a huge carrot (unless you’re talkin’ ’bout Fassbender’s dong). I saw The Hobbit in 48 fps, and the speed of motion was distracting and weird, like people were moving ever so slightly in fast forward. Sure, it’s more something to get used to than something that’s “wrong,” and I’m perfectly willing to believe the character and set design in The Hobbit wasn’t doing the format any favors, but it’s hard to be excited about something where we still haven’t seen the upside. So right now it still sort of comes off as, “Oh, you don’t like our weird pop-up book pictures? Well what if I flutter the pages faster?”

Wake me when they finally decide to wake up and show the dongs going in.