Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: Dr. Seuss’ Cornucopia Of Christian Cinema

08.07.12 7 years ago 20 Comments
It’s Tuesday and therefore it is time to examine this week’s new DVDs. First off, there are brand new 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-rays of Full Metal Jacket and Spaceballs. To be perfectly honest, that’s where your attention should be this week.  As for my attention, both of those films have already been on DVD/Blu-ray (in previous editions) for a while so they aren’t really considered new, and therefore won’t be mentioned in this post again. As for truly new DVDs,  obviously there’s The Lorax, but there’s also Robert Pattinson, Bob Marley, Vinnie Jones, and several new Christian flicks.  There’s a Wizard of Oz movie that doesn’t seem to have a wizard or take place in Oz, there’s some sexy sisters, and a sequel that really isn’t.  All that and all your favorite comic book heroes and villains -assuming you like Thor, Spider-man, and Bane.

The DVDs:
The Lorax
Bel Ami
Blue Like Jazz
Yellow Rock
The Liquidator
Warriors Of The Rainbow: Seediq Bale
After The Wizard
Mary Marie
Loving The Bad Man
The Rally
Youth Of Christ
Knock Knock 2
Devil Seed
Heroes & Demons

Aching to know which flick has Vinnie Jones in it? Want to know what Loving The Bad Man is all about?  Keep reading to find out.  Otherwise, the Netflix picks are here, but realize that they won’t bring you any closer to the Lord.

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