Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: Journey To John Carter's Safe House

06.05.12 6 years ago 17 Comments

And everything is blue for him and his self/ and everybody around 'cause he ain't got/ nobody/ to listen/ I'm blue da ba dee da ba die...

Even the most jaded of film fans will find something to like with this week’s new DVDs. We’ve got one of the biggest box office flops of the year so far. We’ve got real Navy SEALs for the men and Ryan Reynolds for the ladies.  We’ve got Muslims and Jews and Bears. Oh my, we’ve got Christian Slater and Tom Arnold. We’ve got some big feet, and most importantly, we’ve got -after a nine week absence- the triumphant return of our favorite bad ass, Danny Trejo.

The DVDs:
John Carter
Safe House
Act Of Valor
Machine Gun Preacher
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
Act Of Vengeance
American Animal
Bad Ass
Hatfields & McCoys: Bad Blood
Hit So Hard
The Yankles
Bear Nation
Rogue River
The Collapsed
Champion Road: Arena
Lost Woods
Dear God No!
The Tale Of The Voodoo Prostitute

There really are some unbelievable movies this week. Keep reading on the next page and we’ll go through them, one by one. If you’re in a rush and need to watch a movie right now, click here for the Netflix suggestions.

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