Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: Red Lights Cast Dark Shadows Against The Iron Sky

10.02.12 6 years ago 11 Comments

Look at his eyes. You can totally see that he's dead on the inside. Now THAT'S method acting.

After a fun-filled week with The Avengers, Klown, and Vampire Dog, this week was bound to feel like a let-down no matter what new DVDs there were.  Of course, when the major release this week is Dark Shadows, it’s safe to say the week doesn’t just feel like a let-down -it really is a let-down. That doesn’t mean there isn’t stuff to talk about though.  We’ve got flicks co-starring Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks, Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver,  and even Jane Fonda and Catherine Keener.  There are movies about vampires, psychics, serial killers, cult leaders, Nazis, demonic clowns, lake monsters, and aliens.  Can you tell it’s October? All that and some Viagra thieves.

The DVDs:
Dark Shadows
People Like Us
Red Lights
Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding
Hard Times
General Education
The Lady
The Hole
Sound Of My Voice
Scents And Sensibility
Iron Sky
Killjoy Goes To Hell
Atomic Brain Invasion

Jason Biggs stars in one of today’s new DVDs.  If you want to know which one it is -so you can avoid it- continue reading. If you find Mr. Biggs to be a delight, well, continue reading to find out which movie you’ll want to seek out.  Of course you can always just click here for the Netflix suggestions, but then you’ll never know what movie has Biggs wearing a wacky bear suit.

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