Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: This Must Be The Life Of Pi

03.12.13 6 years ago 8 Comments
Today’s new DVDs are a fantastic assortment of films that run the gamut from the Oscar-winning Life Of Pi all the way to The Taint. In between we’ve got films starring Anthony Hopkins, Sean Penn, Aaron Paul, and Ray Liotta.  We’ve got alcoholics and Easter bunnies. We’ve got drug mules and tooth fairies.  We’ve got legitimate rock stars and fake gurus.  We’ve even got some WWII Jewish refugees, both real and fictitious. All that and even some giant spiders!

The DVDs:
Life Of Pi
This Must Be The Place
Rise Of The Guardians
Sound City
The Devil’s In The Details
In Their Skin
The First Time
The Flat
Amazing Racer
Storage 24
The Taint

Streaming: Check out your choices here.

One of this week’s films has a 100% rating at Rotten Tomatoes, but you’ll have to continue reading to find out which one it is.  Another one of these films is a biopic about a legendary director. You may think you know which one it is, but you’ll have to continue reading to be sure. If you’d like to bypass the DVDs this week, just use that streaming link above, but if you do you’ll be missing out on my detailed examination of The Taint.

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