Zach Braff Explained Kickstarter And Crowd Funding To Woody Allen

I never really understood or cared what Zach Braff was trying to do with his Kickstarter campaign to make Garden State 2: Garden Hard With A Vengeance, because I wasn’t giving him a dime, and therefore couldn’t give two kittens’ queefs what other people did with their money. But according to the kid who removes the porn viruses from my computer, Braff’s campaign was a success and he has apparently changed the way that small-time filmmakers look at how they can get funding.

Well, except for Melissa Joan Hart, who, bless her heart, thought that she could raise money for a romcom entitled Darci’s Walk of Shame on Kickstarter, but ended up failing miserably. It might not have helped much that there’s a film called Walk of Shame coming out later this summer, but we’re not here to debate semantics.

If you ask Braff how his venture went, he’ll probably tell you that everyone thinks he’s awesome for doing it and that he’s a pioneer, like he recently told the guys on the Sirius XM radio show, Unmasked, the very same thing.

Braff recalled how people were patting him on the back for his success, when Woody Allen popped up and was all, “What’s that, sonny? You got yourself a cockstuffer?” before hearing someone’s iPhone ring and answering his shoe.

“He’s one of my heroes and I met him because we were talking about doing something together and it was the day that this kind of broke — like, the insane news of this — and everyone else in the room was like, ‘Omigosh, congratulations, it’s insane, can’t believe it worked, no one thought it would work.’ And he clearly didn’t know what anyone was talking about,” recalled Braff of the famed director. (Via THR)

According to Braff, Allen’s assistant said that the 77-year old director “won’t stop talking about it”, which puts it right up there with programming the alarm clock and NCSI.