There’s A Way To Skip The Game’s Hardest Levels And Other Toadally True Facts About ‘Battletoads’

07.02.15 4 years ago 7 Comments

Ah, Battletoads; the series wasn’t as big as Super Mario and Mega Man in its day, but seemingly everybody of a certain age spent chunk of their childhood trying, and failing miserably, to get anywhere in Battletoads. The game has cult has grown over the years, and it might now be one of the five most reminisced over, meme-ified 8-bit video games ever made.

The Battletoads cult has grown to such a degree that Microsoft has been dropping hints left and right that a new Battletoads game may be in the works more than 20 years after the last game in the series was released. So, in honor of the ‘Toads new found relevance, here are 10 things you might not know about the game that basically defines “Nintendo hard”…

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