A Clever Modder Staged A Massive Bears vs. Cyclopes War In ‘The Witcher III’

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt has been out for less than a week, and clever modders are already having all sorts of fun with the PC version of the game.

Case in point, YouTuber Tyrannicon decided to use The Witcher III to answer the eternal question: Who would win in a fight, 20 bears or 20 cyclopes? Er, cyclopses? Cyclopi? Spoiler: Turns out, mythical creatures are no match for the good old-fashioned killing power of bears. You can check out the cyclops/bear throwdown above.

Tyrannicon has also staged some other battles, including a 100 siren on 100 succubi brawl…

… and 10 elementals taking on 20 basilisks.

Someone ought to make a game where you do nothing but stage battles like this. I’m not sure I can go on living until I know whether a dragon or T-rex would win in a fight, or if 100 squirrels could take down a tiger.

via Kotaku