A New Program Will Turn Any Screenshot Into A Playable Super Mario Bros. Level

Bored at work? Tired of waiting for the next 2D Super Mario Bros. game? Well, thanks to a new program called Screentendo, any random image on your computer can be transformed into a playable Super Mario Bros. level. Just drag the Screentendo window over something on your desktop, and the program will take a screenshot, then turn it into an 8-bit Mario level. Check out of a video of Screentendo Mario-izing the Google logo above.

Of course, you’ll need a fairly simple, high-contrast image for this to work properly. Ironically, those boring spreadsheets and bar graphs you’ve been toiling on at work may actually make the best Mario Bros. levels. Screentendo was created by Aaron Randall, and you can learn more and download the program from his website.

(Via Gizmodo)