This Beautiful High-End NES Just Got Even Sleeker And A Little Less Expensive

A little over three decades after it was first released, the humble 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System is set to make a big comeback. Nintendo recently announced the mini NES Classic Edition to a surprisingly enthusiastic response, but what if you want something a bit more high end? The NES Classic is a cool $60 stocking stuffer, but that low price comes with drawbacks – limited hookups and control options, and the inability to play any games beyond the 30 baked into the system being chiefest amongst them.

Well, the Analogue Nt is for people who really take their retro gaming seriously. This luxury version of the NES comes in a sleek aluminum casing, can play pretty much any NES cart, is compatible with your classic gamepads as well as modern PlayStation and Wii controllers, and has a ton of different output options (RGB, HDMI, S-video). This feature list comes at a price, though – the original version of the Analogue Nt cost a whopping $500.

Thankfully, there’s a new model on the way. The Analogue Nt mini is, of course, smaller than the original version, includes a cool wireless NES controller and is a bit cheaper at $450. This is still a pricey item for hardcore old-school fanatics only, but if you want the best 8-bit experience possible, the Analogue Nt is a more attractive package than ever.

If you’re a retro gamer with cash to spare, you can pre-order the Analogue Nt mini right here.

(via Polygon)