Ay, Caramba! ‘The Simpsons’ Arcade Game Is Being Re-released!

One of the great things about having modern consoles is that playing the arcade games you wasted hundreds of dollars in quarters at in bowling alleys in the ’90s can be done cheaply. Now you only have to waste ten bucks buying them.

With that said, the Simpsons as a series is rapidly becoming the definition of animated mediocrity, but this game — being re-released in conjunction with the airing of the show’s 500th episode — is from the heyday of the series, and not only has art from the animation team, but also voice work from the cast. It also happens to be packed full of inside jokes and gags, including cameos from pretty much every character the show had at the time, meaning it’s essentially a Simpsons fan’s dream.

It’ll be coming out on XBLA on Friday and PSN February 7th. Enjoy the video demo below.