‘Batman: The Telltalle Series’ Reveals The Joker And Suddenly Feels Very Topical In A New Trailer

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Batman: The Telltale Series is taking a very different spin on Batman, and part of that is tweaking the Bat-mythos a little bit. The Penguin, for example, is now a skinny, bitter socialist/gangster. Harvey Dent is still Two-Face, but after his violent scarring, he only slowly loses his marbles as he inhales cable news and can’t sleep, and throws people into asylums over personal grudges. So, uh, yeah, suddenly a video game about a man who resolves his trauma by punching muggers is very topical!

The series was inevitably visiting Arkham: One of the key plot points is that Arkham is where a corrupt cabal that controlled Gotham dumped its “inconvenient” people. So Bruce heading there was all but inevitable. Besides, it gives the series an opportunity to show off a set of villains, like Zsasz and the Joker, that wouldn’t make sense in the conspiracy thriller/corruption drama the game is building. But come on, it’s Batman: The Joker has to show up at some point!

As for when we’ll get to see all of this unfold, Telltale has been surprisingly on the clock about all this, with the new episode arriving November 22nd. If Telltale’s schedule holds, we should be freeing Gotham before Christmas. Hopefully, that episode is topical too.

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