Watch Rash From ‘Battletoads’ Wreck Shop In A New ‘Killer Instinct’ Trailer And Gameplay Footage

Microsoft sure seems to get off on toying with Battletoads fans. They’ve been dropping hints that a new ‘Toads game may be on the way for months, and even lined up a cameo for the warty trio in the Xbox One version of Shovel Knight. Well, at this year’s Gamescom, Microsoft dropped another tease when they revealed Battletoad Rash will be coming to Killer Instinct as part of its third “season.” Yes, apparently Killer Instinct is still being supported. Who knew?

The HD version of Rash looks a bit ridiculous, but I’ll admit, my inner 10-year-old got pretty hyped the first time he kicked somebody and his foot turned into a giant boot. What can I say? When it comes to the ‘Toads, I’m an easy mark. You can check out Rash’s debut trailer above, and some in-game footage below courtesy of YouTuber Bdcool213.

Okay, now how about we quit with the cameos and announce the new Battletoads game already? We know it’s happening, Microsoft, so stop trying to hop around the issue.