Which Of The Original Xbox Games Coming To Xbox One Should You Play First?

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One of the Xbox One’s greatest advantages is its backwards compatibility. Starting with the Xbox 360, the Xbox One has steadily added to its library, and this week marks a big jump. The first original Xbox games will be available to play on the One, starting tomorrow. But which should you start with? Here they are, ranked from best to still pretty good.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Really, how could we not lead with Knights Of The Old Republic? The one prequel fans really wanted, KOTOR launched both BioWare into the top tier of development teams and delivered one of the most beloved bits of Star Wars in the fandom’s history. And if that weren’t enough, it’s pretty fun to play to boot.


A close second is the wacky cult platformer from Double Fine. Psychonauts debuted to vast critical acclaim and enormous fandom disappointment as it failed to find an audience. Over time, relentless fan pitching of the game and more than a few ports have built up its reputation, so if you somehow haven’t played it, now you finally can.

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