Bethesda Studios May Have Teased A New ‘Fallout’ Game On Twitter

Bethesda on Twitter

Bethesda’s Fallout franchise is rife with lore and symbols. The post-apocalyptic setting of the games somehow harkens back to a chrome-filled retro past that creates a future that doesn’t yet exist despite seeming entirely plausible.

It’s a weird kind of nostalgia, but something that makes the games iconic in their construction. Each building you explore contains a substory and weird narratives that mean little to the overall plot but flesh out a world taken away by bombs, leaving the survivors with busy signals from the past.

But if there’s one phrase that fans recognize from the long-running series of games, it’s a plea for alert patience that punctuates load screens and, hopefully, announcements for new games. On Tuesday, Bethesda’s Twitter account sent out a GIF of the series’ famous “PLEASE STAND BY” screen along with a hashtag of the same name on Monday afternoon, ostensibly a teaser that some Fallout-related announcement is coming soon.

It’s not clear exactly what’s going on here. A full-fledged Fallout sequel would, of course, be ideal, but the production timeline might not be right for it just yet. We already know a VR version of Fallout 4 is coming, so maybe this is some kind of mobile game or a sequel of some kind. The GIF does seem to have a bit of a… tropical aesthetic to it if you ask me. But either way, it looks like we can expect to hear something about the deathclaw-filled future very soon.

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