Bungie Asked David Cross And Brian Posehn To Write Jokes For ‘Destiny’

After much buzz and hype, Bungie’s Destiny hit the shelves last September. One of the first attributes many took note about the game was the overall serious tone to the gameplay and narrative throughout. That may be the finished product but at one time it was Bungie’s plans to add some lighthearted humor to the release.

Comedian David Cross recently spoke with IGN about the one time Bungie flew both him and fellow funny man Brian Posehn out to add jokes to the dialogue of mundane flying robot Ghost, voiced mundanely by Peter Dinklage:

‘We were both very excited about it. They did not use a single, solitary thing that we wrote, which is a shame because we wrote some stuff that – you know, we’re gamers, and they… – I would imagine somebody somewhere said, ‘We can’t inject this levity or humour into it.’

Cross went on to discuss his excitement to play the game when it was first released but admits he got bored rather quickly:

“When it came out I was way into it and way excited about it, and when you’re at an hour 20 of that thing, it’s like the Ghost is kind of monotone saying this thing, ‘We must get over the ridge. That’s the cabal – we’ve got to defeat him.’ Whatever, it’s boring as shit, and I speak for myself and Brian, and I know thousands if not millions of other gamers would be like It would be nice to have a joke or something in there.’

After tinkering around with Destiny here and there, I have to second Cross’ motion to add some levity to the game. First person shooters can fall into a trap of running through the same old motions and livening it up with Borderlands-style quips could have really done the game right.

(Via IGN)