The Next ‘Call Of Duty’ May Have Just Leaked

Call of Duty may be an annual franchise, but despite this, it still keeps a lot of details under wraps from year to year. So, a UK gaming magazine might be in big trouble, as they may have just leaked the next Call of Duty game.

According to the leak, it’ll be the Infinity Ward-developed Call of Duty: Ghosts 2. The original Ghosts took a step into Tom Clancy territory, imagining an alternate timeline where a nuclear war in the Middle East elevates a federation of South American countries to a world power due to its oil reserves. Being this is Call of Duty, said federation takes over Central America and threatens the U.S. so we can free the world. More importantly, it introduced us to Riley, the Call of Duty Dog.

There’s not any word about whether Riley will come out of retirement to avenge his masters with a robot buddy in tow, which is a ploy synopsis we just made up. But admit it, you’d totally play the heck out of that game. Joking aside, the change in setting was a genuine effort to do something different with the franchise, even if it ultimately turned out to be a bit silly in the details, and if the franchise continues its efforts to hire writers and give these things actual plots, all the better. We’ll also be curious to see if they bring back Extinction, the surprisingly well-executed gooey-alien killing sim that was an alternate mode. But until then, let’s keep dreaming Riley gets his own spinoff.

(Via Unilad)

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