Capcom Is Blaming A Glitch For Chun-Li’s New Out Of Control Breasts In ‘Street Fighter V’

Capcom’s Street Fighter V is looking impressive, but many fans were gawking at the game for a different reason at this year’s E3. Gamers checking out Capcom’s streaming footage of the title have picked up on the fact that Street Fighter stalwart Chun-Li is significantly bustier than in past games, and has apparently decided to start brawling braless. Check out this ridiculousness, courtesy of Brianna Wu on Twitter

Well, according to Capcom, Chun-Li’s water balloon breasts are actually a glitch

“The whole Chun-Li jiggle thing is a glitch that only happens on the second player side of the E3 build and it will be fixed.”

Maybe it was a glitch, but I have a hard time believing that nobody at Capcom noticed it before E3. Chun-Li’s bounciness feels more like a bit of market research than a glitch. Take note, Capcom. We don’t want Chun-Li’s body parts to be oversized and fetishized (unless we’re talking about her wonderful thighs).

via Kotaku