Check Out 15-Minutes Of Blimp-Hijacking ‘The Order: 1886’ Action

The Order: 1886 remains one of 2015’s biggest gaming question marks. Sony certainly seems to be pouring a lot of resources and faith into the game, but we’ve yet to see much of the title in action. Well, Sony showed off a number of in-game clips from a zeppelin-hijacking mission at this past weekend’s Playstation Experience, and they’ve finally all made their way online. The game is certainly looking visually impressive, while the gameplay is, well, you can judge for yourself.

Check out the footage below…

Yeah, I’m still not sure about this game – Sony continues to be more interested in showing cutscenes than gameplay, and you have to wonder why. What we have been shown isn’t what I’d call groundbreaking, but still, damn, the cloth physics on the everybody’s jackets are pretty fantastic, no?