Check Out 8-Minutes Of An Almost-Naked Hayden Panettierre In ‘Until Dawn’ Gameplay

Recently we introduced you to Sony’s Until Dawn and its impressive facial animations, but that footage didn’t give much indication about how the horror game will actually play. Well, now we have footage of an entire scenario from the game in which a girl voiced by Hayden Panettierre and clad only in a towel (obviously) has to outwit and escape the game’s masked serial killer.

Much like The Walking Dead, the game is all about decision making, but instead of moral choices, Until Dawn mostly focuses on more immediate dilemmas. Will having watched every crappy horror movie of the past 30 years get you through alive? That’s what I’m counting on.

Check out the footage below…

Damn, that is one frustratingly well-wrapped towel.

Via Destructoid