‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Has Pushed Its Release Date Back Another Three Weeks

One of the most anticipated game releases of 2020 has been pushed back again, but will still make it out before the end of the year (barely).

Cyberpunk 2077 has had a myriad of issues in getting itself ready to release, as the game developers, like so many others, struggle with how to produce, test, and debug a video game in a work from home, mid-pandemic world. This summer, they announced that their September release date was to be pushed back to November 19, citing a need to test the game more thoroughly to find and fix bugs that may exist in the massive world of Night City.

On Tuesday, they announced that testing process still was ongoing, noting that they have nine editions of the game to test with current and next-gen consoles and systems, and as such they were once again pushing the release back three weeks to December 10.

It’s clear that they are prepared for yet another wave of backlash and skepticism about the game, and one can expect a pretty massive day one patch to be coming for those that purchase physical copies of the game given the continued push back to test and fix it. That said, given the response to games that are crazy buggy and how quickly gamers will jump off the ship of even a highly anticipated game if it’s a dud on launch — even if it gets improved and fixed continually — it’s probably wise to deal with the blowback of delaying the game and trying to make it right once it gets in the hands of gamers rather than asking for patience once it’s already out in the world.