‘Destiny 2’ Players Solved An Insanely Complex Puzzle For A Prize That Disappointed Many

Last week, a new mission in Destiny 2 sparked a massive effort by gamers to race through a sprawling puzzle inside one of the game’s locations. That puzzle is cracked now, and those that spent hours playing their way through it all are hoping there’s more to the prize than what they’ve found.

Last Tuesday, a quest called Exploring The Corridors of Time dropped in a Destiny 2 update. The area had been used for some other missions before, but this was something very different. If you’re completely lost here, there’s a bit of background on the hexagons and how Destiny 2 puzzles have evolved in the video below.

Gamers worked through a series of rooms with symbols that essentially guided them through a maze that only seemed to get larger as they uncovered where to go. Each time they found their way through a segment they would come to a tomb with a sword on top of it, but one that would teleport them away if they got near it.

The scale of the puzzle was enormous.

And it required a huge community effort from streamers and other players to crack. Some offered bounties for figuring out certain parts of the maze, and many worked through Excel spreadsheets and maps to work their way through things in game. By Monday, the puzzle was cracked.

But the prize was largely disappointing for those that poured hours and some sleepless nights into frantically solving it. The Bastion, as Kotaku pointed out, was announced late last year and was supposed to be added to the game at the end of January. It seems that Destiny 2 players racing to finish the game together may have shortened the time Bungie expected it would take to find it.

There’s something to the fact that the weapon’s existence was already known that may have made it a disappointing discovery in the end, but a lot of those involved in the cracking of it appreciated how fun it was to go through.

Sometimes the journey through is the true reward, but in this case all that work deserved something special. If anything, the whole project shows just how dedicated Destiny 2 gamers are, and just how complex some of the quests in the game can be.