‘Devil’s Third’, From The Creator Of ‘Ninja Gaiden’, Is A Wii U Exclusive

Damn kiddie Nintendo. 

Nintendo was very selective about the things they talked about during their rather short, 45-minute E3 Digital Event. Maybe a little too selective. For instance, they totally skipped over the headline-grabbing news that Devil’s Third is now a Wii U exclusive.

Devil’s Third is the game Ninja Gaiden creator Tomonobu Itagaki began developing after he left Tecmo in 2008. For most of that time THQ was signed on to publish, but then they went out of business and nobody was sure what was happening with the game. Well, we now know Devil’s Third still exists and it coming to Nintendo’s sleek little console. You can check out a trailer below…

Yup, that insanity you just watched is being published by Nintendo. Game’s looking a bit dated graphically (which makes sense considering it’s been in development since 2009) but given Itagaki’s pedigree, I’m sure it plays well. Also, apparently it prominently features guys doing drum solos, so how can you not be excited?

Via Kotaku