‘Duck Hunt’ Is Finally Returning And The Dog Is Celebrating With An Amazing ‘Smash Bros.’ Intro Video

I didn’t include this with the rest of the Nintendo Direct news, because frankly it deserves it’s own story – after years of pleading, fans will finally be able to play the beloved yet neglected Duck Hunt on a modern console. This version of Duck Hunt will look and play like the classic game, but it’s not just a straight ROM dump – the game has been carefully remade to look nice on an HD TV and work with your Wiimotes (sorry, you won’t be able to use your orange NES Zapper with the game).

In other Duck Hunt news, the infamous Duck Hunt Dog finally got an official Smash Bros. intro video and, well, it’s kind of amazing. Check it out below (the announcement of Duck Hunt’s return comes at the end)…

Man, I really never thought I’d see Duck Hunt make a comeback. I wish Nintendo was in financial trouble all the time. If there’s any crazy thing you’ve ever wanted from the Big-N, now’s the time to ask guys.

Via GoNintendo