You Can Now Play ‘Duck Hunt’ In Virtual Reality

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Duck Hunt was an NES game beautiful in its simplicity, especially in how you could blatantly cheat by sitting right on top of the TV. Hey, don’t judge us, nobody wanted to see that dog mocking them. Nintendo has never been willing to try and improve on the original (even if it has turned up in other games) so Joseph Delgado decided to do it for them.

Delgado, a computer science student, was fairly clever in how he updated the game. What you’re seeing up above is actually Duck Hunt run through a Python script that puts the game on “walls” the player can look at, so you can move around in 3D and target the ducks. He also coded in a hub world that lets you snipe at bottles to improve your ability, and even imported a 3D model of the Zapper so you don’t lose that classic feel. Of course, that means the snickering dog is back, too, although if you throw Vs. Duck Hunt into the mix, you can get some sweet revenge.

We probably won’t be seeing an official VR version of this Nintendo classic any time soon, but at least we can rest easy knowing that if we want a more immersive Duck Hunt, it’s out there. Now, what can we do to get a VR Metroid Prime?

(Via Gamnesia)

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