Duke Nukem’s PR Department Cries On Twitter

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For those unfamiliar, a quick recap: “Duke Nukem Forever” is a video game that has been in development for fifteen years. It’s a long, tortured saga that started with high hopes and ended with abundant lawsuits and the game being rushed out to market this week. It’s currently pulling a 49% on Metacritic, probably because the plot centers around women getting raped by aliens and the game opens with you fondling a turd.

Seriously. You pick up a turd. And then throw it. For no reason. Needless to say, the reviews have been…abusive.

Too abusive, apparently, for the PR firm hired to make sure “Duke Nukem Forever” gets positive press, because they put up the above tweet whining about how those mean nasty journalists won’t get any preview copies any more because waaaaaah!

To which we say: you were promoting a game about alien rape and turd-touching. Seriously, what were you expecting? An Oscar?

(Image via Fox)

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