EA’s ‘Battlefield Hardline’ Plays Bad Cop/Worse Cop In This Explosive Launch Trailer

03.10.15 4 years ago 2 Comments

The latest entry in EA’s Battlefield series replaces soldiers with cops and relocates the titular battlefield to the streets of Los Angeles, but that doesn’t seem to have curtailed any of the franchise’s destructive action. Machine guns, helicopters and a ridiculous number of explosions are still very much a part of the formula in Battlefield Hardline.

The sight of cops in black helicopters laying waste to a major American city is a bit troubling, honestly, but if you can turn your brain off, Battlefield Hardline does look like a pretty solid slice of action. The game is developed by Visceral Games, the studio behind the Dead Space franchise, so I’m certainly willing to give this new take on the series the benefit of the doubt. Check out the trailer for yourself and make your own decisions.

Battlefield Hardline kicks down your door on March 17.

via Bleeding Cool

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