Explore The Galaxy In Six Minutes Of New ‘No Man’s Sky’ Gameplay Footage

We’ve heard a lot of lofty talk about No Man’s Sky. An endless, procedurally generated galaxy to explore! Go anywhere, do anything, play how you want! It all sounds nice, but we’ve been shown precious little actual gameplay. Will No Man’s Sky live up to the incredible hype, or is this another Spore situation?

Well, we finally have around six minutes of new No Man’s Sky gameplay footage, courtesy of YouTube channel Cobra TV. Sadly, the footage is chopped up, so you don’t really see how everything fits together, but the game is looking… interesting. It’s pretty, and I’m intrigued by the parts where you fly past other large ships in outer space. The lack of any kind of civilization on the planets you visit has been one of the things that’s bothered me about No Man’s Sky. All that said, this footage still doesn’t give much indication of what your purpose or goal is in the game.

What do you folks think? Are you willing to jump blind and give No Man’s Sky a try? Or is it looking a bit too ephemeral for your tastes?

(Via VG 24/7)