Check Out How Much Better ‘Fallout 4’ Looks With A ‘Borderlands’ Inspired Makeover

Fallout 4 is a great game, one of the very best of the past year, but it sure ain’t pretty. Grimy, grubby and packed with a lot of really hideous people, The Commonwealth usually isn’t much to look at.

Thankfully, a fan on Reddit has found the secret for a significantly less ugly Fallout 4 — make it look like Borderlands. Using SweetFX, a commonly-used mod that allows you to add a variety of shaders to most games, our clever Redditor managed to give Fallout 4 a cell-shaded Borderlands-esque look. Boost the colors and add a black outline and suddenly Fallout’s grungy textures and low-detail models don’t so bad at all.

You can check out a couple of screenshots of prettied up Fallout 4 below, and a video of a player trying out the visual tweaks for himself at the top of the post.

There are drawbacks to these visual tweaks — they apply to everything, including menus and text, which can make some stuff hard to read, but you can get around that by adjusting the color of your menus. If you’re playing Fallout 4 on the PC and would like to make your game less of an eyesore, the instructions are right here.

(Via Twinfinite)