Take A Stroll Through The Apocalypse In 5 Minutes Of Exploration-Heavy ‘Fallout 4’ Footage

The Fallout games do technically have stories and missions and all that good stuff, but the real heart of the series is just sort of tooling around the game’s bleak open world, trying to avoid, or get into, trouble depending on your mood. It’s in that spirit that we bring you a little over five minutes of somebody just wandering around the upcoming Fallout 4.

We saw some of this footage at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, but now we have it in HD, with fewer cuts and nobody prattling over top it. The footage features British-accented robots, your first meeting with this game’s version of Dogmeat, and guys getting blown into multiple bloody chunks by a Gatling gun. Basically, everything you’d want from a Fallout game.

It doesn’t look like Fallout 4 is going to break any new ground technically, but hopefully the game serves up enough variety to make that not matter. Fallout 4 comes out this November.