Here’s How To Get Infinite Bottle Caps In ‘Fallout 4’ (While It Lasts)

Fallout 4 frenzy is in full effect, with Conan going all in and us breaking down some tips. One tip we didn’t know at the time was that there’s a glitch by which you can get all the bottle caps your greedy paws can clutch, and it’s a glitch that survived past the day one patch. (Although we expect Bethesda to patch this one soon, so get while the gettin’s good.)

If the video above — made by ZibbeZabbe, who appears to be one of the first YouTubers to exploit the glitch — isn’t clear enough, here are some instructions courtesy of VG24/7:

On the vendor panel (right side), select an entire stash of a single ammo type to trade. For best results, choose the most expensive ammo available. Do not finalize the trade! Instead, on your own panel (left side), select one piece of ammo of that type to trade back – as if you had initially decided to buy X, but now only want X-1. Now trade another chunk of the same ammo – any amount besides all of it or all but one. Then try to sell any back. If it works, you should find that the amount of ammo you have in your panel does not go down, but the trade value at the bottom of the screen changes in your favor. You can keep doing this until the vendor runs out of caps to give you – or even clean out all their inventory as well as their money.

And here’s another set of instructions, via Reddit:

1. Buy all ammo of one type from the vendor
2. Switch to your inventory on the left panel
3. Remove 1 ammo from the stack you just bought 6 times
4. Attempt to remove all remaining ammo of that type to the vendor’s inventory
5. Some of the ammo will begin sticking to their inventory.
6. Keep doing this until over half the ammo is glitched out in the vendor’s inventory.
7. Mass buy the f*cked up ammo.

Now what to do with all those bottle caps, besides destroy the Fallout 4 economy? Hmm, perhaps buy a Big Boy nuke launcher? Or even try to pre-order the next Fallout game? Hey, it’s worked before.

(Via VG24/7 and Reddit)

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