Give The Dog His Day: A New ‘Fallout 4’ Mod Lets You Play As Dogmeat

Oh, Dogmeat. If you polled people on their favorite Fallout 4 character, a good portion of them would answer their mutant-mauling doggy sidekick Dogmeat. I mean, it’s not like there’s a wealth of other sympathetic characters roaming The Commonwealth. Unfortunately, Fallout 4 doesn’t give Dogmeat a lot to do. You may even find yourself replacing him with another more versatile companion at some point. Poor Dogmeat!

Well, thanks to a new mod, Dogmeat doesn’t need to wait around for you to go on an adventure. The Be The Dog mod makes Dogmeat the star of Fallout 4, which means, yes, you start out as a dog with a wife, living in a house with your baby named Shawn. Also, you get your own little doggy-sized Pip-Boy and can team up with the regular Dogmeat, for some hot double-doggin’ action. It may all sound a little silly, but hey, as Fallout has taught us, radiation can do crazy things. You can check out the mod in action at the top of this post.

Want to take on the wasteland as Dogmeat? Yeah, I know, silly question — of course you do. Well, you can download the Be The Dog mod right here. There’s a good boy.

(Via PC Gamer)

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