A ‘Fallout 4’ Easter Egg Implies The Game Takes Place In The Same Universe As ‘Skyrim’

The Fallout and Elder Scrolls series have a lot in common, which makes sense because they’re both huge open-world RPGs published by the same company, but could they actually take place in the same fictional universe? It seems unlikely considering one series takes place in a sci-fi wasteland and the other is set in a dragon-filled fantasy world, but a newly unearthed Easter egg strongly implies the worlds of Fallout 4 and Skyrim may be one and the same.

While exploring the Prydwen, the airship commanded by the Brotherhood of Steel faction, you’ll run across these “experimental plants.”

These glowing plants bear an unmistakable resemblance to Nirnroot, a healing item from the Elder Scrolls games. Next to the palate of plants, you’ll find a computer full of logs labeled “NRT” that describe the plant.

Hmm, a “root” found near a river (Nirnroot only grows by water in the Elder Scrolls games).

Glowing? Restorative properties? Yeah, this definitely sounds like Nirnroot.

Of course, this could just be a random reference (there are a lot of those in Fallout games), but it’s fun to think about how the worlds of Fallout and Skyrim could be connected. Are the “fantasy” creatures of Skyrim actually mutants created by Fallout‘s irradiated landscape? Or is it the other way around? Were Fallout‘s nukes dropped by dragons? Okay, so the former’s probably more likely than the latter. What’s your opinion? Do you think Bethesda’s RPGs all take place in the same world?

via Kotaku