Experience The ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer In ‘Fallout 4’ Form With This Wild Video

The upcoming Suicide Squad movie has had a lot of people talking about it, from the announcement to the filming and now the subsequent trailers. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may have been DC’s big gamble to kick off the revamped DC Expanded Universe, but fans seem most excited about Suicide Squad. Everything about Suicide Squad has been scrutinized, from early shots of the Joker to every still from filming this movie have a buzz about it.

How much of a buzz? This YouTuber modded up Fallout 4 to recreate the characters from the latest Suicide Squad trailer and faithfully (and I do mean faithfully) did a shot-for-shot remake of that trailer. That is insanity and dedication right there. We’ve seen creative uses for Fallout 4 before, but my god, this is really going that extra mile.

Each and every character has a Fallout 4 representation and while the animations in Fallout 4 do have some limitations, this is still a damned fine job at recreating a trailer in such exquisite detail. If you are one of those people that got bored with Fallout 4 this is what you are missing out on by not fully exploring the game, although it’s cool to just sit back and marvel at this as well. Totally cool.

(via VG247)