See Every Single ‘Fallout 4’ Wasteland Workshop Item You Can Add To Your Settlement

Are you someone who loves building and micromanaging your settlements throughout Fallout 4‘s wasteland? Then good news — the Wasteland Workshop DLC, the second piece of DLC from Bethesda after Automatron is out, and it supplements your greatest base building desires. Priced at $5 (the bottle cap equivalent isn’t clear), Wasteland Workshop doesn’t only add a plethora of new walls and floors, but it also gives sole survivors the ability to plop some meat in an animal cage in order to trap creatures. You can even create your own little Thunderdomes in which creatures and wastelanders must fight to the death. It seems like a good time if you have the patience for it.

The most important new piece of technology that Wasteland Workshop offers players is the Decontamination Arch, which clears radiation levels by simply walking through it. As you can see in the video, the rest of the items you can create are mostly cosmetic.

There’s an overwhelming amount of new materials with which to work, but at $5, this DLC is possibly pointless for players who don’t want to assemble cages to force animals or people to duel. You can add various traps to your settlements, but settlements aren’t attacked nearly enough to make the hard work worth it. It seems like most of the content provided is to make a freaky funhouse of death for any unlucky wastelander who happens upon your settlement, and that’s fine. Some seriously awesome arenas are already being built.

Are these items useful? Of course. Are you getting the DLC even if you never use a piece of it if you have the season pass? Yep. But regardless of personal thoughts on the sometimes cumbersome and frustratingly overwhelming gameplay systems of Fallout 4‘s base building, it doesn’t make the sheer quantity of new items available to those who will use them any less impressive.

And hey, everyone likes arena battles to the death.

(Via Forbes)